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Topic: Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is shaping the future of humanity and permeating all areas of our daily life. It is changing the way we work, the way we communicate,  the  way we solve problems, and the way we create and innovate. It is already the main driver of emergent technologies in nearly every industry. At the same time, many false promises and overstated capabilities are going unchecked behind the hype. How much actual intelligence is there behind current AI trends? Which challenges have seen most progress and which remain elusive? Where is the field heading to?

Number of participants:  5 – 40

Moderator: Maria Magdalena Ortiz de la Fuente, alumna unibz

Special guest: prof. Diego Calvanese, professor unibz

Topic: Create your own (high-tech) business and survive the growth pains

The round will be a mixture of input, discussion and questions … following the interaction with the audience.

We discuss the crucial aspects from idea to growth and touch on a variety of questions like: What does it take to build an investment-grade start-up? What points to consider in different cases?

How to start in catch-up ecosystems? How to identify patterns and opportunity beyond buzzword and trends? What technical and professional knowledge is required for the start vs. managing growth? How to manage the transition from early to scaling up? What causes many start-ups to break up after the first growth phase? And of course, fundraising.

Number of participants:  5 – 40

Moderator: Arnbjörn Eggerz, alumnus unibz

Topic: Digitalisation

Join us for a discussion on the constantly evolving topic of digitalisation. This buzzword is a hot topic with new advancements and innovations constantly making headlines. But what exactly is digitalisation and how does it affect the way we live, work and play? We will look at the definition, drivers, components, challenges and opportunities of digitalisation. We will explore different aspects, from strategy to transformation, technological integration and cultural change. Share your perspectives and insights as we engage in an interactive conversation on this dynamic and far-reaching topic.

Number of participants:  5 – 40

Moderators: Christoph Wiedeburg and Petra Gruber, alumni unibz

Topic: Leadership and working environment

Social and demographic developments have transformed the labor market into an “employee market” in recent years. Today, it is no longer enough to lure or recruit employees with monetary or hierarchical opportunities. Instead, companies today must convey an image to their employees that convinces them of their values. Employee leadership means communicating these values and convincing employees of the value of their work and involving them in the company’s development.

What are the challenges and requirements for a manager? How can communication help to create a healthy working atmosphere and what role does the increased transparency on the labor market play? How does a manager strike a balance between preserving skills and company knowledge and the increased employee turnover?

The goal of this two-hour discussion group is not only to share and pool individual experiences, but also to specifically define for each participant different approaches to the requirements of the role of a leader. What is the role of leadership in the work environment? How do these requirements manifest themselves in different professions and corporate cultures?

General understanding of employee commitment has changed over the past decades. Employees do not align their professional development according to one specified path or solely one corporation. It is more important to attract employees by their own brand. How can leadership help to raise employee commitment and efficiency?

Or even simplified: What makes a good leader? How have the requirements changed in recent years and what influence does leadership have on the behavior, commitment, and motivation of the workforce?

Number of participants:  5 – 40

Moderator: Robert Soltyszeck, alumnus unibz

Topic: Sustainability

Since the shift to digital is disrupting the way business gets done, sustainability is being widely understood as the next big revolution. For the environment and society, that’s a very good thing, but it adds extra pressure on the teams tasked with owning sustainability. While enterprises grapple hitting their compliance and risk management goals, they are also under pressure to develop sustainable consumer products, services, and responsible social engagement. What does your employer do to ensure sustainability within your company, and what actions would you personally like to push in the coming years?

Number of participants:  5 – 40

Moderator: Lisa Althuber, alumna unibz

Topic: Talent attraction

Representing a place where people would like to come and work as well as using the right recruiting tools to attract new people is an effective way of talent attraction. How can companies and territories attract new talents? And how can they build long-term relationships with top employees?

Number of participants:  5 – 40

Moderator: Iris Tappeiner, head of Career Service unibz

Topic: Women and technology

Historically, women have been underrepresented in technology-related fields. This has been attributed to a range of factors, including societal stereotypes and biases, lack of role models and mentorship, and systemic barriers in education and the workplace. Efforts to address these issues and promote greater gender diversity in technology have included initiatives to increase women’s representation in STEM fields, promote education and skills development for women in technology, and encourage greater diversity and inclusion in tech workplaces. These efforts are aimed at ensuring that women have equal opportunities to participate and thrive in the technology industry, and that their perspectives and experiences are reflected in the development and use of technology.

Number of participants:  5 – 40

Moderator: Edona Gashi, alumna unibz

Special guest: prof.ssa Ilenia Fronza, professor unibz